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Our green is turning grey.


People are the problem.


People are the solution.


People are storytelling organisms.


Let’s tell stories then.



Stories for everyone who’s agenda starts with


Once upon a time…



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Philipp Gassner

Call me a resourceful, enthusiastic and conscientious opportunitarian with a passion for communication, knowledge, tech, people and the environment.

I’m dedicated to bridge the interface of sustainability and digitalisation.

On my mission I combine content with method:

A 9-year international track record in sustainability governance, development cooperation and ICT with

consultancy, conception and communication, as well as knowledge, project and change management.


You name it, we have it

Climate change, pollution, the sixth mass extinction, land degradation, food insecurity.

Earth is hitting the environmental buffers.


Mankind is living on a big footprint, using 50% more resources than the Earth can sustainably produce.

But not to worry, it is easy to save the world.


Green tech is the new Pink

Digitalisation is the knight in shining armor. With new tech, efficiency goes up. We grow green.

Easy as that. Sustainability is en vogue. Digital is selling like hot cakes.

But digital solutions are a double edge sword

Rebound effects are swallowing efficiency gains. Digital and societal innovations are moving at a different pace. Social injustice, information warfare, digital monopolies and soring energy consumption are bitter side effects.

Societies polarize. Democracy is in trouble. The green turns grey.


Once a new technology springs into existence, it cannot be un-thought.

And this time around, destroying (weaving) machinery is not a solution. Directing the co-evolution of technology and society is. The digital transformation is human made and can be human shaped.

And humans are story telling organisms.

Without a compelling narrative, great inventions – also the green and social ones – are dead on arrival. To get these across and make sense of technology and sustainability, my agenda begins with ‘Once upon a time…’.

I free sustainability and tech from their ivory towers.

I translate knowledge into practice, in order to change institutions.

I turn data into drama, numbers into narratives, and stats into stories

– for a socially robust, sustainable and digital transformation.


Get some inspiration, explore my Zotero Library and easily export or cite the references.

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