Anything Grows – A Sustainable Sponge

A little brain teaser: Sea roses are reproducing quickly and cover the pond behind your house. The covered area doubles every day. In 48 days the whole pond is covered. How long does it take to cover... Read more

Stubborn Planet – Risk, Ruin, Resilience

Imagine, a good old pal of yours gets diagnosed with a serious disease. Would you react like this? “He feels fine, this can’t be happening.” “Why him? It’s not fair!” “I’ll do... Read more

I want to fly away - Destination Flyways

‘Take only memories and leave only footprints’ charms the travel brochure in bright letters. Also the scenery sounds to die for, doesn’t it? ‘A romantic landscape of coastal tundra, near to... Read more

A Healthy Risk? Ancient Answers

One hot summer day in ancient Sicily thousands of years ago, Noble Damocles is guest at a banquet of his tyrant king Dionysius. Surrounded by magnificence, power and authority Damocles envies the... Read more

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